Advantages and Disadvantages of Doing Market Research Before Starting a Business

Planning to set up a business? But here’s the foremost thing that you should consider before stepping into the world of business – market research. At times, starting with a business without the involvement of prior market research can slow down the performance and lead to a massive downfall/loss.

Market Research

As a majority of the startups or small budget-based organizations face a lack of resources, outsourcing the business services to an offshore BPO company can be a bold move. Market research is all about gathering, analyzing, and deciphering the information of a product or market. The research analysis includes the analysis of consumer’s spending habits, target audience of a specific geographical region, and so on. From helping you to make better informed decisions to understanding the mind of your customers, market research support services play a pivotal role in the successful existence of your new business.

Benefits of market research!

Strategic PlanningThis service will enable you to understand and analyze the move of your competitors and thereby, enable you to plan a strategic development solution. It will give you the best opportunity to accomplish both your short-term and long-term goals. 

Improving Sales – This will help your business to grow and give an opportunity for your products/services to flourish globally. You can get easy access to the needs, wants, taste, preferences, and expectations of your customers, ultimately maximizing sales.

Brand Reputation – The practice of research service will ease the process of measuring the brand reputation amid the global market. It will give you an idea of what the customers think about your brand, and if required, you can go for re-branding. Building an excellent brand reputation is essential during the initial stage.

Minimizing Investment Risk –Research will help you to identify the potential risks involved in the business, thereby, facilitating the decision-making process. A deeper research will help you to make your business prepared for dealing with these risks. At the end of the day, you should make sure that the decision should be beneficial for your firm.

Emerging Trends – Every day we come across numerous changes in the market scenario. Hence, market research services will help your business to get an insight into the ongoing trends. This will help you to think ‘out-of-the-box’ and help you to introduce the product in a unique and trending way.


On the contrary, you should also be aware of the disadvantages of market research!

Expensive and Time – One of the prime reasons for organizations, especially startups turning away from market research process is the high-cost involved. At the same time, the process also consumes a huge amount of your precious time which can be otherwise spent on the core functioning. From dealing with the hassles involved in data collection to analyzing them effectively, the complete procedure of market research is long, challenging, and expensive.

Targeting Small Group – Generally, most of the organizations face a lack of respondents and lead to lesser survey/questionnaire users. Asking the people from a small target group to respond to the filling of survey or questionnaire forms can be challenging and tricky. 


Similar to the research service, the concept of market research support is also a key component for a business to accomplish success. Allianze BPO Services is a well-established offshore BPO company, attending to all the market research support requirements such as data collection, data processing, data analysis, documentation, and so on.

It is never too late to implement a thorough market research service as it will give you an overall idea about the new methods, sophisticated tools, and innovative strategies for making your brand well-recognized. For further details, you can always free to contact us at


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