Real Estate Services

The real estate industry is highly prone to the fluctuations that take place in the market. Our outsourcing services for the real estate industry will help your organization to build up the existing customer relationships and can maximize the revenue by creating the sales force leads.

We assist the real estate sector by offering services such as customized mortgage and foreclosure solutions. We assist both the mortgagor and mortgagee to settle down the non-core and time-consuming challenges faced in the industry. Our image editing will also offer our real estate clients with appealing and innovative images, thus, converting the potential buyers of your property into actual ones. Our data entry operators provide our clients with accurate and consistent real estate data entry services.

Heaalthcare industries

The field of medicine especially the hospitals, clinics, or any medical organization are dealing with a bulk of paper records and huge data. These records needs to be digitized from time-to-time, so as to increase the storage space and reduce the use of paper. Today, most of the hospitals are into the concept of outsourcing the non-core tasks such as dealing with patient bills, tracking the invoices, etc.

Our team will support the medical industry with the accurate healthcare BPO processing services which comprises of medical billing, coding, indexing, and much more. Handling the data is an important concept and thus, we offer the data entry services of various formats. Carrying out factual pharmaceutical research is one of our specializations concerned with the healthcare sector.


Media and entertainment industry have become a significant part of our society as they are the best means of offering relaxation and entertainment to the people. Like every other sector, media industry, including television, magazine, newspaper, etc. is too piled up with a large amount of data and information.

It is essential to pass out the right and factual information to your audience and hence, we assist the media industry with the best market research support solutions. We will help you to understand your audience in a better way and will let you which TV show or section in a magazine is highly preferred by your audience.


The corporate industry across the world is growing tremendously and the concept of digitization and outsourcing has an important role in the success of every corporate organization. We help our clients to enter the data from various file formats into an organized Excel spreadsheet, so that the employees can access and retrieve the documents with an ease in the future.

We also help the corporate sector to analyze their competitors as well as their competitive products in the market, to increase the profitability of our clients.


There has been a constant rise in the information within the transportation or the logistics industry. From all the data entry services to logistics data entry, we handle the time-consuming and complicated tasks of the logistics industry at an interesting price rate.

We ensure to offer on-time delivery of the goods, irrespective of the geographical area. We successfully cater to the outsourcing needs of all types of logistics such as road, rail, air, and ocean. From handling the freight payment to creating excellent and in-depth customer management relation, we have created a huge success in the logistics industry.

Studio Services

The concept of photography has gained a wide prominence in our society. The right from covering small events to the huge ones, photography finds a place in all. But due to lack of time and resources (at times), the studios find it difficult to enhance the images, after the shoot. And we, at Allianze BPO Services ensure to provide our clients with flawless and eye-catchy image editing services.

We accept the images in a raw format and convert them into highly attractive ones. It includes removing the background or unwanted details from an image, modifying the image, editing, cropping, and much more.

IT services

The sector of IT is booming with an advancement in technology and digitization. There are IT based industries who utilize the contemporary means of communication such as mobiles, internet, and various internet-based apps to enhance their productivity.

Our web development team has the capability to create new and unique mobile apps, which will serve your needs in seconds. We design the websites of various IT firms, as an innovative design can bring in a large number of clients from various parts of the world. A website is the brand identity of a firm and we’ll help you to recreate the magic.

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