Allianze BPO Service is a globally notable offshore offline data entry service provider, well-known for presenting the cost-effective solutions to both small and large-scale business organizations.

Most of the companies across the world retain their ‘off-the-record’ data in the non-digital formats such as insurance claims or paper records. And when there is a necessity of composing the data from these non-digital formats, it gives emergence to the concept of offline data entry services.

Offline data entry services indicate the process of accumulating or entering the necessary information related to a specific database without the access of an internet connection. As we know, a majority of the business firms are combating to manage their data or documents in an organized manner.

We have a team of determined and highly proficient data entry operators and quality check controllers who are recruited after an in-depth scrutiny of their knowledge and previous experience. Our team works on a 24*7 basis, thus, ensuring the on-time completion of the offline data entry projects, and achieving a comprehensive customer-satisfactory result.

Our Top-notch Offline Data Entry Services are:

  • Offline financial data entry

    Our financial data entry services comprise of auditing the record of the employees, keying the payroll information, and successfully preparing the Paychex accounts. We ensure the complete safety and confidentiality of your financial data.

  • Database data entry 

    We enter the accurate and up-to-date data into the business database of our clients, along with effortlessly merging the data from one database to another. Our team also create the new database via the offline mode, wherein the information is collected from different sources.

  • Offline image data entry

    We receive the images through the input file format, and we assure to fetch the necessary business details from these images. The data is stored in a client-specified format.

  • Data entry for MS Word/MS Excel

    We merge the data from the various databases, verify the data, and eliminate the possibility of duplication. The collected data is preserved in the MS Word or MS Excel in an organized way.

  • Offline data entry for catalogs

    Most of the eCommerce firms require the flawless offline data entry for the catalogs. Hence, we ensure to update their database with eye-catchy product descriptions or the latest price/product features. Our team also ensures the apt conversion of physical catalogs into the digital ones.

  • Offline data entry for insurance or legal files

    We are a well-specialized offshore offline data entry service provider dealing with the insurance and the legal documents. We collect the necessary details from the input insurance or legal documents and store the data successfully in a client-specified format.

  • Offline conversion

    Our team possesses the best knowledge in converting t6he content from one format to another by the offline means.

At Allianze BPO Services, we guarantee the delivery of the finest and highly accurate offline data entry solutions with the help of advanced technology and software. Being an offshore service provider, we make it possible to complete a project overnight.