Factors to be Considered Before Outsourcing Medical Record Indexing

Medical record indexing is a substantial aspect of the healthcare sector as it revolves around the concept of systematically arranging and storing the valuable data such as patient’s records or the demographic information.

Today, most of the hospitals and healthcare sectors encounter countless challenges while dealing with the healthcare BPO services in-house. To perform the flawless medical record indexing, they require a huge amount of resources and a good amount of time. Handling, storing, and managing the bulk volume of medical records have proved to be time-consuming as well as expensive in terms of infrastructure, etc.


The major documents or information that requires accurate and efficient indexing in the healthcare sector are mentioned below:

  • Medical reports
  • Health insurance ID cards
  • Clinical histories
  • Insurance bills
  • Patient demographic sheets
  • Health service provider notes

In today’s competitive global business environment, the notion of medical data entry outsourcing service as well as outsourcing the medical record indexing has become a common phenomenon. But before you decide to outsource your medical record indexing needs, you should check upon certain factors or aspects of the service provider.

Factors that need to be considered are:

Streamlined indexing process

Before you execute the concept of outsourcing the medical record indexing to an eminent service provider, make sure to analyze and study the effectiveness of their indexing process. To ensure that the service provider follows the systematic and effectual process, notice the following points:

  • Scanning of the bulk documents
  • Accessing the scanned documents through the secured VPN
  • Making it easily accessible to search the patient information and indexing the patient record folder with perfection
  • Performing the quality check to ensure the accuracy of the indexing

Handling the requests on an urgent basis

Make sure to inquire about how the outsourcing service provider will handle the urgent requests on a daily basis. In case you require an indexing to be done immediately, make sure to find out about the estimated time frame required by the service provider. Also, find out is there a tracking facility to keep a check on the status.

Data confidentiality

One of the prime concern of most of the healthcare firms during the process of outsourcing is the availability of data security and confidentiality features. Every renowned outsourcing service provider should possess the robust physical access controls, contemporary alarm system, and fire detection system. A Non-Disclosure Agreement should be made between the client and the service provider, to preserve the safety and security of the information. Ensure that the service provider selected by you should have an excellent data backup system and they should enable the facility of safeguarding the data during any internal or external threats.

Professional team

Before outsourcing, communicate with the team of your service provider and make sure that they possess an excellent and qualified team of professional staffs. The team should be dedicated enough to complete the medical record indexing process on-time with 100% accuracy. They should have an in-depth expertise regarding the state-of-the-art technology and software used for the process.


Ensure that the service provider chosen by you should have earned a good and renowned name and recognition in the global marketplace. An excellent reputation indicates the delivery of quality-oriented services within a shorter time frame.

Precisely, if you belong to a healthcare sector and if you are in search of a quality-centric medical record indexing service provider, take the necessary steps to rely upon a proven track record company.


  1. Kenneth
    June 6, 2019 Reply

    Nice article! The way the company communicates and figuring out their dedication is an important step, before deciding on the company to outsource it to.


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