Enhancing Offline Data Entry with Data Security Techniques

Data Entry is an essential process for every business corporation irrespective of being a startup, small scale or a fortune 500 firm. Without timely processing of such bulk data, your back office administration will hinder the development, growth, efficiency and productivity of your organization. The most preferred means of taking care of this issue is by handing over this data to a data entry outsourcing service provider.


With the advent of latest technology, data security concerns are increasing at quick paces, due to cybercrimes that rise with it. Although this is effectively countered by data entry outsourcing service providers by deploying stringent data security protocols in offline data entry servicesData pertaining to financial, transactional, client files, education, healthcare, government, legal, etc. are widely processed with the help of outsourcing offline data entry services. Since it does not require an access to the internet, the data entering/processing methods will always be secure at the highest levels.

Below are some of the best practices implemented by outsourcing BPO firms in offline data entry services to ensure client data security and protection:

Legal Contracts

When a project is committed with an outsourcing firm or a vendor, you are always entering into legally binding contracts that clearly mentions your security requirements. Confidentiality and privacy protection policies. These contracts are always signed with either parties clearly incorporating everything related to the offline data entry project esp. details regarding file transfer protocols, encryption, data security and protection policies. Employee background checks are conducted to further understand the employees in consideration before their tenure with the company. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are also mandatorily signed by the employees before the commencement of any project.

Cloud Computing

With cloud computing in offline data entry services, you can gain owner access method so that only people you permit or having valid credentials can access the data in the cloud storage. There is also the option to bifurcate access to different pieces of information to different users. This defines data integrity, so that without the owner’s knowledge, the data is never lost or comes under attack. If in any case it happens, the owner can detect it and will always have the option to retrieve the data.

Deep Encryption

In data transmission/transfer protocols, data entry outsourcing service providers, deploy deep encryption for your data. Using modern day encryption algorithms, the data is transformed into coded language, which can only be deciphered using the appropriate transfer protocols or decryption software or methods. Data encryption is one of the tightest forms of data security that reduces data hacking to level zero.

Futuristic Technology

The global outsourcing firms of today leverage the most advanced technology they can possess. The network connectivity capabilities are either of optical fibers or direct satellite links. Deep automation systems, top-of-the-line hardware, latest and updated software, network racks, periodic backup solutions, etc. will provide you the best experience in offline data entry services. These days, outsourcing BPO firms provide disaster recovery options as well.


With the above mentioned technology, many types of cyberattacks, data breaches and identity theft are effectively prevented by the companies. State-of-the-art firewall, antivirus protection, cryptography, intrusion detection systems (IDS), will always detect, counter and suppresses any attacks. Network and hardware security is never limited to all these, but the technology is evolving rapidly to counter future imminent threats as well.

Even though all these are practiced widely BPO firms, always evaluate your outsourcing partner in every way possible. Their facilities, technology, privacy/confidentiality policies, data security measures, backup options, etc. The outsourcing provider should also have the policy of discouraging/restricting the use of any physical or handheld devices from mobile phones, USBs, PDAs, CD/DVD drives, etc. Personnel identification means such as access cards, credentials, biometrics are also important before outsourcing your projects.

If everything falls under a strict environment to hand over your data, go for it as long as the service provider is a reputed and globally recognized one with global security compliance.


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