Why Is Kotlin Considered To Be Effective For Android App Development?

Have you heard of Kotlin yet? Well, this is one of the hottest and trending terms in the world of app development.

The arena of Android app development witnessed the emergence of Kotlin (a language for developing apps). Along with Java, there has been a huge demand amid various organizations for the need of Kotlin. And hence, this has led to the discussion on ‘Java Vs Kotlin’ – the talk of the town.

The Image showing Kotlin vs Java

A Brief Synopsis On Kotlin

Kotlin is a functionally typed language that is created by JetBrains. Kotlin comprises the functional features that are required to support Java compatibility. One of the topmost motives of introducing Kotlin was to enhance the coding expertise via practically and effectually. Analysts believe Kotlin to be a powerful language and has been considered as one of the official languages of Android.

Kotlin – A modernized way to enhance productivity and customer-retention

In the existing global business scenario, there exists a tough competition between both Kotlin and Java. When it comes to Android development, Java is one of the foremost languages to be conceived by the coders.

How can Kotlin turn effective for Android app development?

Secure Code

Kotlin will help in improving the quality of the Android application. Kotlin’s language is well-known for its in-built null security. There are times when the NullPointerException creates numerous mistakes during the Android app development.

The NullPointerException generally occurs when a program tries to use an object reference with a null value.

The null has the potential to damage an app, whereas, Kotlin helps to detect and solve such a challenge through the instilling of built-in null security. With the aid of two prime types – Nullable and NonNull, you can easily eliminate the frequently occurring programming errors.


Kotlin is a contemporary language for Android app development that enables an expressive and highly enriching way of putting forward the ideas of your firm. It involves less writing of the boilerplate code. The inclusion of fewer codes also implies that you need to test and maintain a less amount of codes.


One of the prime motives of Kotlin is its compatibility. The app developers can frame the modules in Kotlin language that will work wonders without errors and within the already relevant Java code. With the aid of Bytecode, the Kotlin language will enable the merging of multiple languages and work together.

Extension Functions

The Kotlin language enables the app developers to broaden the class with the incorporation of the latest functionalities through the well-executed extension functions. But such extensions are not available in Java. Developing the ‘extension function’ is regarded as an easy task in Kotlin. Well, it’s done in a simple way wherein the class name gets prefixed and extended towards the already created function name.

The other benefits of inculcating Kotlin language are listed below!

  • Kotlin is widely embraced by the Android app developers as it is easy to write, forming fewer errors and bugs.

  • Building a clean API (Application Program Interface)

  • Kotlin enables you to use Java frameworks and libraries

  • Kotlin has the availability of ‘Anko Library’ that renders a deeper help to the developers

Kotlin over Java?

Well, in this present business context, the Android app developers tend to prefer Kotlin over the Java language. Firms that are already using Java might face certain challenges while immediately switching over Kotlin. Kotlin is considered to be the future of Android languages. When compared to Java, Kotlin language is more compact and gives the advantage of utilizing the extension functions.

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