Outsourcing the non-core activities and back-office tasks have become a common trend in today’s global market. Most of the companies outsource their challenging tasks in order to save a large amount of time and a bulk of valuable resources. But still there exists a lot of firms who aren’t much aware of the benefits received by the concept of outsourcing.

Allianze BPO Services, a leading outsourcing service provider makes sure to cater to your requirements at an affordable price. Before approaching us with your needs, you can take a look at our FAQ, so as to gain a better understanding of us.

1. Who are we?

Allianze BPO Services is a well-known outsourcing service provider across the globe, catering to the outsourcing needs of all the international clients at an affordable rate. We have been in the industry of outsourcing for the past 5+ years and have successfully catered to the requirements of 100+ clients.

Allianze BPO Services is well-equipped with the contemporary technologies and the latest software to achieve an error-free result. Our trained and experienced team of specialists possess a wider knowledge about the process and the latest technological advancements.

2. What is the highlight of our service?

We offer a quality-enriched and customized outsourcing service at a highly flexible and an affordable price within the mentioned time. You are free to enjoy a discount of 50-60% on availing our services.

3. What are the major services offered by Allianze BPO Services?

We are specialized in offering:

  • Mortgage and Foreclosure Service
  • Market Research Support
  • Logistics BPO Services
  • Image Editing Service
  • Healthcare BPO Processing
  • Software Development Service

4. Ways utilized by us to handle the projects of our clients!

We undertake your project and ensure complete consistency in delivering the final quality-enriched output. Our team will generate the final result, after the completion of the various phases such as successfully passing the trial run, conversion of the project, project management, and establishing an efficient customer relationship.

5. Is there any non – disclosure agreement?

Absolutely! Allianze BPO Services offer our clients with the non-disclosure agreement before we undertake any of the projects. It helps both the client as well as to perform a hassle-free task.

6. Do you deliver the project on time?

Allianze BPO Service is highly punctual and gives a prime importance to the concept of time management. We deliver the result of the undertaken project within or on the stipulated time.

7. Are your employees well-qualified?

At Allianze BPO Services, we have hired a team of well-qualified and highly experienced professionals who are selected based on their performance level during a test and other selection rounds. The employees are given a frequent training regarding how to handle a project with the help of the latest tools and technologies.

8. Are you well-updated with the contemporary technologies and software?

Our team has the potential to utilize the latest tools, technologies, and software equipped within our organization. We help our clients to save a large number of various resources.

9. What are the features of your security scheme?

We make sure that the data and information pertaining to our clients are well-preserved with 100% security and confidentiality. The few security features adopted by Allianze BPO Services include a non-disclosure agreement, password protected system, VPN, surveillance camera for easy monitoring of movements, and anti-virus software.

10. What would be the mode of the payment?

We accept the payment either by cheque or via wire transfer. In case, you want the payment to be made through any other mode, you can consult with our marketing team.

11. How can you contact us?

You can submit a form consisting of your queries with us by visiting our website at www.allianzebposervice.com or else you can drop us an email at info@allianzebposervices.com